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T21N is an online academic journal for the field of Translation and Interpreting Studies. The editors teach at Heidelberg University's Institute for Translation and Interpreting. The journal is published by the Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT) publishing house.

Editorial board:
Prof. Dr. Frank Austermühl
Asst. Prof. Dr. Viktorija Bilić
Dr. Anja Holderbaum
Dr. Anne Kimmes
Prof. Dr. Joachim Kornelius
Dr. John Stewart
Dr. Christoph Stoll


Contact information:         
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Institut für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen
Plöck 57a
69117 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49 62 21-54 75 62
Fax: +49 62 21-54 75 61
E-Mail: mail@t21n.com
Homepage: http://www.t21n.com


Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT)
Dr. Erwin Otto
Bergstraße 27
54295 Trier
Tel.: +49 6 51-4 15 03
Fax: +49 6 51-4 15 04
E-Mail: wvt@wvttrier.de
Homepage: http://www.wvttrier.de/


Only the following terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between the T21N editorial board (hereinafter referred to as “the editors”) and/or the Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (hereinafter referred to as “WVT”), the users, and authors. T21N does not recognize any conditions diverging from the following, unless the editors and the WVT have given their express written consent to such conditions.

  1. The purpose of T21N's activities is to publish and disseminate academic contributions to the field via the online portal www.t21n.com. T21N – Translation in Transition is addressed to all readers interested in Translation and Interpreting Studies in the broadest sense.

  3. The use of the www.t21n.com Web site is free of charge. Users can access the Internet site without supplying any personal information.

  5. All contributions published at www.t21n.com are subject to copyright. They serve purposes of public information with respect to the contents presented in the respective contributions. With the exception of the purposes stated in the following, any further use whatsoever (for example, reproduction through copying, inclusion in electronic databases, reproduction on CD ROM or other media) or further utilization of the contents published at www.t21n.com, in particular for commercial purposes, is prohibited without the express written permission of the editors and the WVT. Reproduction and distribution without charge for non-commercial purposes, whether of full texts or excerpts, is permitted with an indication of the source.

  7. All contributions published at www.t21n.com have been researched with the greatest care. Nevertheless, neither the editors nor the WVT can be held accountable for the accuracy of their contents. All material published under the name of a given author represents the opinions of said author and not necessarily that of the editors or the WVT.

  9. The authors bear the obligation to obtain all necessary rights and permissions for publication prior to submitting their contribution to the T21N editors. The authors are personally responsible for costs associated with obtaining said rights for copyright-protected material. Authors indemnify the editors and the WVT internally of any claims by third parties which may result from copyright violations.

  11. In such case as a contribution that has already been published elsewhere, in full or in part, is submitted for publication through T21N, the author bears the obligation to inform the editors of this fact and to obtain the rights for republication in accordance with Paragraph (5). The authors are entitled to republish contributions published at T21N in another venue, provided they inform the editors and indicate T21N as the initial publication venue.

  13. Each author bears the obligation to provide the editors with accurate and complete information. No rights of third parties may be violated, for example by using personal information or other data concerning third parties without their consent (name, e-mail address, etc.). The authors indemnify the editors and the WVT of any and all claims that may be pressed by third parties due to their use of such information. Furthermore, the responsible author will be liable to the editors and the WVT for damages resulting from such claims.

  15. Neither the editors nor the WVT are liable for unsolicited texts, documents, or photographs sent to them; said materials will not be returned to the sender.

  17. Advertisements will be separated from published contents and designated as such; they remain the responsibility of the advertisers as regards both design and content. Despite careful review, the T21N editors and the WVT are not responsible for advertising contents.

  19. Despite careful monitoring of their contents, neither the editors nor the WVT assume liability for external links to other Internet sites. The sole responsibility for the contents of all Internet sites linked to by www.t21n.com by means of links or banners lies with the operators of the respective sites. In particular, T21N assumes neither responsibility nor liability for any illegal contents of external Internet sites.

  21. No author / user may transmit data via www.t21n.com which, according to their nature or character, size or number are capable of endangering the existence or operation of the service or violating the rights of fellow users or other third parties (e.g. viruses, worms, trojans, spam e-mails, etc.). In such cases, the editors will press criminal charges. Neither they nor the WVT are liable for damages suffered by users or third parties as a result.

  23. Neither the editors nor the WVT are liable for manipulation of the material by the user or other subsequent third parties.

  25. The services of the T21N World-Wide-Web presence are subject to the reservation of technological availability, in particular with respect to necessary maintenance work and interruptions due to technical malfunctions. The editors will take pains to ensure uninterrupted access to www.t21n.com. However, availability cannot be guaranteed at all times. The editors assume no liability whatsoever in case of such delays or interruptions.

  27. The editors and the WVT reserve the right to modify, rearrange, abridge, or delete the information or services provided by www.t21n.com, including information made available by users, taking copyright in consideration, at any time and without a separate announcement, as well as to cease presenting the contents online in part or in full or temporarily. No legal claims may be derived from this, and T21N is not liable for any resulting damages.

  29. Neither the editors nor the WVT are liable for other damage claims that may be derived from the use of www.t21n.com, except in case of criminal intent or gross negligence.

  31. Additional oral agreements shall only become valid once they are confirmed in writing.

  33. In case of a culpable violation of these terms and conditions, the user shall be held liable to compensate T21N for all resulting damages. The user indemnifies the editors and the WVT internally of any third-party claims resulting from such violations.

  35. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT) apply. Said terms and conditions are available at the following URL: http://www.wvttrier.de/top/agb.htm.

  37. Should individual clauses of these terms of use / terms and conditions prove invalid or unenforceable, the rest shall nevertheless remain in effect. The invalid or unenforceable clause shall then be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose objective most closely matches that of the invalid or unenforceable clause. Likewise, the preceding clauses shall apply in such case as the provisions prove to contain omissions.

  39. This agreement is subject to German law. Heidelberg is the place of jurisdiction and performance.


Heidelberg, November 23, 2014



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